The Parent Association NoRa Nordsjö Rastis föräldraförening rf

The Parent Association NoRa Nordsjö Rastis föräldraföreningen (NoRa) exists to support all families with children at Rastis Daycare (Daghemmet Rastis) and Nordsjö primary school (Nordsjö Lågstadium). 

We work in close cooperation with the families and the personnel at the daycare and school in order to strengthen community building at Rastis, and to create a healthy and safe environment for the children. 

NoRa is a local chapter of the national umbrella organisation Förbundet Hem och Skola – The Swedish Parent Association in Finland. NoRa supports and funds activities that create a silver-lining for the children (ie. activities not funded by the City of Helsinki or the government).

The membershipfee for the school year 2023-2024 is 15 € / parent. You can find more information about how to pay the fee here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions och ideas about NoRa's activities. You can reach the board of NoRa here: hosnora(a)